From my experience, nothing compares to the feeling of creating and growing a life. Although pregnancy can be so beautiful and so fulfilling, it can also be so incredibly relentless for some.

I connected with Rox on Instagram as we were both pregnant the same time (I was about a 5 weeks ahead from Rox) and found out that like me, she too, was going through severe morning sickness - also known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I didn't have to ask, I knew this pregnancy, like her previous one with her daughter, was extremely challenging physically and incredibly taxing mentally. I knew what she was going through. For those who don't know what HG is or is like - it is a debilitating condition where sufferers experience extreme levels of nausea and vomiting. It is so severe, that if left untreated it can be potentially life threatening to both mum and to the unborn child. For Rox and I, we both feel so strongly about being an advocate and educating the general population when they come across a HG mum and how to give support to the sufferer.

Sadly there is no cure, except for birth, and to manage HG requires a very meticulous concoction of medications, even then some won't find relief, which can result in many mothers choosing to terminate because of it. HG can make a mother feel so lonely and depressed in a stage of her life where she should be elated and loving pregnancy. So when a HG mother has the strength and will to be able to carry her baby to the very end, it is always a cause for celebration.

And in this case, this maternity session was just that. A celebration of how strong Rox has been throughout her pregnancy. When I reached out on Instagram that I was looking for someone to do a maternity shoot for my portfolio and Rox messaged, I knew that I wouldn't find anyone more deserving to have their pregnancy captured. AND wow! She is one beautiful mama!

If you or know anyone who is sadly suffering or suspect is suffering from Hyperemesis, I recommend having a look Hyperemesis Australia for loads of helpful information and help -